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Custom App
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You can custom design the app easily yourself, but if you don't have the time or just don't want to do it then contact us and we will be happy to design the APP for you!

No Charge For Set Up/Fee waived


ON SALE $99 ENDS Last day of April

We back our designs up with a 100% money back guarantee.


*Note* You will get an email from The ICANetwork with the same offer at $750. We don't have the expensive overhead and can do it for less. 

Alert/ Special Message Page 

Let's Build Your APP

Nineteen Reasons Why

ICON: This image is what your customers will install on their smart phone, identifying your phone app. This will be your choice as what will be used. As you can see, branding will start right here 

Here are 19 stats on mobile marketing that will blow your mind!

Steve Olenksi, a Sr. Content Strategist/Sr, writer at Oracle Marketing Cloud, put this list together originally in 2014. The list has been updated with 2016 stats.
Mobile Marketing Performance

> 46% of smartphone owners say they couldn’t live without their smartphone. (Pew Research Center) 

> Mobile advertising spending is estimated to reach about $200 billion by 2019, ten times the spending in 2013. (Source: Moby Affiliates)

> In 2015, mobile influenced retail sales to the tune of over $1 trillion. (Media Post) 

Delivering Value That’s Personalized and Relevant

> 59% of smartphone users expect companies to make their websites mobile-friendly. (Forrester) 
Google says 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead. (MicKinsey & Company)

> 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. (CMS) 

> 86% of shoppers would find it beneficial to receive store offers or coupons on their mobile device while shopping in their favorite stores. (Scan Life)

The Reign of Mobile Marketing Channels
> Mobile now represents almost 2 out of 3 digital media minutes, and mobile apps are approaching 60% of total digital time spent. (comScore) 

> Digital media time in the U.S. continues to increase – growing more than 50 percent in the past three years, with nearly 90 percent of that growth directly attributable to the mobile app. (comScore)

Home Page

Your custom mobile app includes your

Home page,
Contact page,
Alert/ Special Message page,
Registration page,
Three (3) open-format pages,

The Home page of your app / mobile website also serves as its Main Menu, listing all the key pages available to the user.  This page shows a custom image that will serve as the Main Banner of your App and Mobile Website. The image is also used in both the Contact Us and the Join Us pages. 

Contact Page / Company Information

On this page your company contact information will go on here

You can put up to 3 URL's. Example
website, Facebook etc ...
The Alert Page is the very first page listed in the Main Menu. Use this space for a special message to all your app users.

IDEAS: Use the Alert Page to announce your promotional offers, This message can be changed at any time thru your unique app backoffice.

This page also shows a custom image of your choosing. 
Increase in Purchases from Mobile Devices

> 88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours. (Nectafy)

> 42% of researchers use a mobile device during the B2B purchasing process. (think with google) 

> Purchase rates on mobile are up 22% in the past two years. (think with google) 

> Three out of four respondents in a ScanLife poll said they make a purchase using their mobile device at least once a month. (ScanLife)

> 39% of customers spend more if they receive a personalized mobile coupon. (Koupon

A Mobile-first Mindset

> Average smartphone conversion rates are up 64% compared to the average desktop conversion rates. (CMS Report)
> Overall, digital media time spent with mobile is now a whopping 68 percent. The desktop commands just 32 percent of our digital attention. (comScore)

> More than nine in ten mobile coupon users will redeem a coupon or code via their mobile device for online or offline shopping in 2017. (eMarketer)


Registration Page

 An App is intended to make your brand visible and to draw attention.​​

An effective App does not try to sell anything to your customers.

An App is not intended to have all of the content that is on your website. 
Try to stick close to what your business does.

Add value and solutions.

A good App is “user-friendly”. It must be of value to the customer to connect with you on their mobile device. 

Most just want to know what you do and how to contact or find you.

Request the free pdf file for a guide that you can use to design your App. The form will be sent to the email address you provide. Your information is safe with us and no other party will receive it.

(Picture coming soon)

This page has a specific purpose to entice the customer to register and provide you their information.  Explain to them the rewards of signing up. For example, receive notices about specials, members’ only discounts, the newest listings or information, or to become a preferred client.

Phoenix Design

As a part of the Codeblue organization - Phoenix was designed for the sole purpose of designing APPS that were sold by Codeblue.

From the very first APP that was sold, requests for someone to build the APP has been tremendous

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on the APP

pdf file