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Are You In Search Of Traffic? 
CodeBlue Has The Solution _
We Do things Different Around here,
Why Not Stay With Your Niche
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days A Year? 

When You Go Into A Coffee Shop - What Is Everyone Looking At?

Our Newest App

At The Park - What Is Everyone Looking At?

At The Airport?

Silent Salesman
Custom App
Custom App

The Smartphone
has changed the way the world receives it's information.

And, The Smartphone
Has Forever Changed The Way The World Reacts 
​To That Information


On The Decline

Television, Radio​, Newspaper

the world has gone​ Digital ...​have you?

How Can You Tap Into The  Smartphone market?

 Surge to the Front of the Pack...​​
With Your 24 Hour Business Card!

Your customized App is 
You can
Advertise, Communicate, Notify, Build, Recruit, Train, Motivate

The Silent Salesman™ Mobile Marketing App

Why An App?

Because You Need To Start 2018 With A Bang!

The competetion is relentless and tough. Your customers are looking for two things,
convenience and the ease of that convenience. 

It is only then, that cost becomes part of the Formula!

But First, Let's Talk about The Desired Results

The above is an example only

Watch the video to find out some of the benefits of having the App (1:21)

Mobile Apps are the most successful medium in producing the desired “immediate” results in a business.

Such as a significant:

* Increase in Traffic

* Increase in Conversions

* Increase in Sales

Did You Know?

Average smartphone conversion rates are up 64% compared to the average desktop conversion rates. (CMS Report) 

In 2015, mobile influenced retail sales to the tune of over $1 trillion. (Media Post) 

Our product is revolutionizing the industry. We can produce, host and put the App in your hands for pennies on the dollar.

100% legally compliant everywhere!

This is your own true
customizable APP
that your customers,clients,team,
organization can download for free







The Above is an Example Only


No Contracts
To Sign
No Credit Check
​No Deposit


Your Own Personal App Developer






Paypal or Merchants?​ Your Customers      Can Order Straight From Your App

Customers Can Tap On Your Logo and          Your Website and Digital Properties          Are  There

Grow With The Ability To Send Out New       menus, Coupons,Videp Presentations,             Special Events and Sales

Facebook, Googlrmaps ,LinkedIn, Twitter , Pinterest and Your Wesite are all linked onto one logo

Unlimited Texts, SMS, 2 Way communication and emails From One Source To All Of Your Customers

Automatic List Builder

Free Signups for Your Subscibers 

What better way is there
to reach your audience?

Do You Know?​

About The
Mobile App

The Criteo Report states that in a very short time:

the Mobile App has proven itself to be one of the most powerful and effective tools in

engaging customers and in building a loyalty base for online retail.

It has also proven that it can effectively attract and retain new customers.  

Includes​ Alert Page

Micky, I'm Ready To Talk!

 With The Silent Salesman™ Mobile Marketing App program, every time they unlock their  phone it will be your business name they see, 24   hours a day, 365 days a year. 

 For the 1st time ever, during the last quarter of   2016, more time was spent on Apps than on websites

 By the end of 2018, 90% of all internet traffic is   projected to be from a Smartphone

"The Impact"


 With The App, We Dare to Think That You Can Increase   Your  Bottom Line With Your Current Customer   Base By 30%. And Another 30 to 50% With new   Customers

This 3 minute video explains how you can use your App to drive more traffic to your business or organization. It will answer most of your questions and it will help you determine if you want to go any farther ... so, please watch it.

There is a truism in marketing,
"Be the first"
and you have a far better chance of
controlling your market share.


The Silent Salesman™ Mobile Marketing App

A Global Mobile Marketing and Communication Tool for Your Business

"We Are The Only Company In The World
That Does What We Do!"

The Silent Salesman™ Mobile Marketing App

Let's talk About Cost

The price of your customized app is based on a 5 year period where you pay no monthly fees at all, instead you pay a one time fee of :


($16.33 mo)

Your daily cost is 54 cents.

>That price does include all of               the benefits and features.

> No Hidden Fees

> No Contracts

> No Credit Checks

> No Deposits

With Our App Your ROI Average Is 30 to 45 days 

100% Legally Compliant Everywhere!

What's Next?

You may want To Watch The 3 Minute Video once again and jot your questions down. Then send me an email, I will have some quick questions. mickygramlin.appbroker@gmail.com 

Just for reviewing the video, you will recieve a free listing on the fastest  growuing search engine on the web

Once payment is made, then you will be assigned to an App Developer and  they will contact you. Most times the App are ready to go in one to three weeks and then you are on your way.


Let's Compare

The figures for The Silent Salesman™ Mobile Marketing App are my costs added to the chart

Basic web building skills

Google Play Store,
Can access from web


If we Take The Silent Salesman™ Mobile Marketing App out of the mix, you are left with 3 choices ... then compared again to all

Silent Salesman™

A consumer focused app where performance, graphics, audio, video and overall user experience are more important. With unlimited text and push notifications, unlimited list building, unlimited alerts, with 5 page mini site. Change overall content easy and a lot more


A VDC survey of enterprise app developers found mobile apps to cost an average of $140,000 each.

A Clutch survey of app development companies indicated a median price of $171,450 per app.

A Kinvey survey of CIOs found the average price to be$270,000 per app.

Jun 23, 2017

Our Cost

Figures does not hosting

Figure includes 5 year


Get A Decisive Edge Over Your Competitors

Easily add graphics, photos, audio VIDEOS that play right inside your app.

 Unlimited Text and Push Notifications included
Subscribers can REPLY to text messages or notifications

​It can be an iPhone, it can be an Android, it can even be an iPad

Use your app to provide up to date information to your customers.

Change your app's content whenever you wish.

Use it to offer monthly, weekly, or even daily specials.

Use the APP to push traffic back to your app or website or storefront!
Having this app on your customer’s smartphone puts your business in front of them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

That is the most powerful reason why having the Silent Salesman working for your business is a must!

 No Contracts

Your Company's
Smartphone App
​Mobile Website
Is What Your
​Customers want to see!

Not just any App - 
​You want to be able to engage with your customers.
​That is what they all want -

 e-Marketer released a study in 2016. Their mobile research report shows total time spent by mobile users as 4 hours, 5 minutes per day.

“More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the U.S. and Japan.” Hubspot

has arrived!

Have you thought about how much of an impact you could possibly experience with your business, church or organizatiion, if you were to offer a Free VIP Membership exclusively to your App Club?

should you consider starting your own VIP APP Club?


If your customers make the change and you have not, what do you expect them to do when they arrive at their new destinations? Are they to wait for you?

You must remember that your customers are not aware of the different hats that you wear to keep your business afloat.

​Your customers are not aware of the hard work you do and the long hours that you keep

Most of us do not like change.
​But for small business, I think
​it is about time.

There is so much that has to be done, that taking on another  Tool that requires responsiblity may be impossible. But again, your customers are not aware of it

Instead of your customers arriving first, you should be there waiting for them. To greet them. You should want to make sure their entry is smooth and pleasant.

We want our customers to remain loyal but are we making it easy enough for them to remain so?

We must be our own Winds of Change and anticipate what our customers want and what they will need.

Those actions build the loyalty that you are looking for

Smartphone ​​

With no ongoing monthly fees.
Our one time price includes all benefits and features Listed!

Send me an email. We will discuss your app. You will be assigned your own App developer


Michael T. Glaspie or MikeG, known as the Internet Guru, is the developer and owner of the App. You can check MikeG out:

Custom App
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We Know What It Takes!


Silent Salesman
​Custom App
Custom App